Welcome to our Hotel

Our first focus is making sure that all our guests are safe. The new “CLEAN & SAFE STAY” hotel cleanliness standards assure the security and safety of both our staff and visitors. With these rules in place, our group hotels welcome you in a spotless and secure setting that has become “the new normal.”

Increased level of cleanliness / Hygiene
Public areas that receive a lot of foot traffic, such as the lobby, front desk, elevators, escalators, and bathrooms, are frequently and routinely cleaned and disinfected.
All guest rooms get routine cleaning and sanitization of the furniture, doors and doorknobs, windows, bathrooms, lighting switches, and any other high-touch areas.

Hand sanitizer station
To make it simple for our visitors to clean their hands, disinfection kits are placed in common areas, in front of reception desks, and at the entrance to other facilities.

Room item cleanliness / Hygiene
The use of disinfectants for the comprehensive sanitization of high-touch points (telephone, tablet, hairdryer, hangers, etc.) is applied.

Food safety standards
To improve food safety, all kitchen employees adhere to strict guidelines for food preparation and cooking hygiene and put on masks, gloves, and helmets.

Room service

All room service equipment is routinely cleaned. A cover or lid is used to serve food and beverages. Food will also be delivered outside the guest room to lessen personal touch.

The aforementioned hotel cleaning standards, “CLEAN & SAFE STAY,” may be changed in accordance with governmental or local authority laws. The presence of additional safety measures may vary by location.